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Bucks Council asks for views on new Vehicle Removal Policy

Buckinghamshire Council is asking residents to give their views on a new Vehicle Removal Policy, which sets out the circumstances the Council will remove parked vehicles that contravene on-street parking restrictions – or whose owners persistently avoid paying parking charges and parking penalty charge notices – and take them to a secure vehicle storage facility.

Details here

New joined-up legal orders for Buckinghamshire’s roads

There is a legal order, known as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), behind every speed limit, double yellow line, council owned car park, parking bay, one way system and anything else that controls traffic or pedestrians. Over the last year, all the legal orders from the former county council and district councils have been merged into one new system, which goes live from the 19 February. This can be found at and is now one single point of contact for residents.

Press release

Planned roadworks – Valley Rd, 10th Aug, start moved to 14th Aug.

Transport for Buckinghamshire have issued a notice to the Parish Council that they will be undertaking carriageway patching works along Valley Road, Hughenden Valley between Coombe Hill and Cryers Hill as part of the Strategic Highway Maintenance Teams Plane and Patch Programme.

Work will take place from Monday 10th Friday 14th August using a road closure in operation between 7:00 pm and 6:00 am and are expected to take up to 4 nights to complete.

Please note the works are weather dependent and are part of a rolling programme of Countywide works, therefore dates and durations are subject to change at short notice.

Bucks Council – cycling survey for Wycombe.

Plans to develop a network of cycling and walking routes around High Wycombe started with the launch on Monday 27 July of a travel survey to find out how people currently get around the area. The survey closes on Monday 17th August.

The survey is at

Press release

(webmaster comment – the press release says it will take 4 months to create the plan. The survey makes no distinction between pre-covid levels of use & current use so rendering results ambiguous. Why do our Councils not have a plan like this already on file as part of their overall ‘Green’ planning? )

Valley Road – closed to 21st April

Information from Transport for Buckinghamshire.

Carriageway roadworks already taking place and continuing until Tuesday April 21st . These will involve road closures of Valley Road A4128 between Coates Lane and Cryers Hill Road timed between 7:30 and 4pm. The closures will mean that the 300 bus route will have to be diverted during these times.

Also receievd this:

“With roads being quieter than usual we are also looking to bring some planned maintenance works forward so we can get them done earlier and quicker. It was only recently that we made more cash available for additional ‘plane and patch’ works following the wet autumn and winter weather and of course February’s storms. However, now is the time to see what more we can get done, although this will of course be subject to the availability of workers, materials and equipment.”

Cars with idling engines

(The message below was sent recently to the Head Teacher of Great Kinghill school:)

I write as a resident of Cryers Hill.

I would like to draw to your attention the preponderance of vehicles parked at school drop off/collection times which keep their engines running for considerable periods while stationary. This occurs mostly in the car park of the White Lion pub, but also on the grass verges in the vicinity.
The parents involved may not be aware that this now an offence, but they are surely familiar with the dangers of increased air pollution, which impacts directly on children’s health as well as that of the residents in the area. The contribution to greenhouse gases/climate change is also well documented. The RAC article, to which I supply a link below, describes this particularly well.
I wonder if you and your staff could find time to bring this to the attention of both parents and children, and ask them to switch off their engines when parked for more than a few seconds.  I hope it will not be necessary to ask the overstretched police to take action.
Yours hopefully