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POTTER CUP QUIZ 2019 Saturday 16th March 2019 ‘NOW IT’S SPRING’

Dear Potential Quizzers and Supporters of the Hughenden Valley Potter Cup Quiz,

As most of you are aware the Potter Quiz was, for a number of reasons moved from the Autumn to the Spring.

So this year’s quiz is on SATURDAY 16th MARCH.

We are again following the approach of continuing to make it less complex to allow more time for socialising.

Also the price has once again been maintained at only £10 per person and this includes the good quality buffet. Please remember that the proceeds from the Potter Quiz are ‘ring fenced’ for the Senior Citizens function which will be held in the Summer.

More details of the Potter Quiz event are:

  • DATE: Saturday 16th March 2019
  • TIME: 7.00 for 7.30 prompt start
  • COST:  £10 per head, which will include a good quality buffet
  • TEAM SIZE: Optimum size 8 please, but a little bit of leeway is allowed
  • TEAM NAME: Your choice
  • FANCY DRESS (Linked to the Theme): Optional
  • DRINKS: Bring your own drinks & glasses

Would you please advise me if you would like to put in a team, together with the likely numbers so that we can organise food, etc.

If you do have any related queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Thanks for your support

Kind Regards

Albert Bowyer
Phone: 01494 562862
Mobile: 07807 776461

Changes at Buckinghamshire County Council’s household recycling centres

PR 10349
07 January 2019
APPROVED for Immediate Release

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet has today (7 January) agreed a series of changes to the county’s household recycling centre service.

The recommendations for change were prepared following a recent public consultation and a detailed analysis of how the recycling centre service currently operates, including patterns of demand at each of the sites, and survey information on how people actually use their own local site.

The changes aim to make important cost savings while at the same time ensuring that Buckinghamshire residents experience as little difference as possible in the way they use their local recycling centre. Buckinghamshire’s household recycling centre service is highly thought of by residents, and the decision to make changes at all was only taken with reluctance.

The main changes being introduced, which it is estimated will make cost savings of £1.25 million, are as follows:

1. Introduce charges at all Buckinghamshire household recycling centres for anything that is classed as non-household waste. This includes waste resulting from the construction, demolition, renovation or alteration of homes and outbuildings, and rubble, soil and treated wood resulting from garden landscaping. However, all green garden waste will continue to be accepted without charge. Charges will be phased in from 1 April 2019.

2. From 1 April 2019, reduce daily opening at the household recycling centres at Rabans Lane (Aylesbury), Chesham and Burnham from seven to five days a week by closing them on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

3. Permanently close the household recycling centre at Bledlow from 1 April 2019.

4. Close the household recycling centre at Burnham permanently from 30 September 2019, subject to a financial review of the effectiveness of the other changes, which could mean that closure is postponed.

Speaking after today’s meeting, Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment, said: “The changes we are making to the household recycling centre service have been very carefully considered so that they make as little disruption as possible to residents across the county as a whole. However, I do accept that some of the changes, especially permanent closure of a site, will have an impact on residents living in that locality.”

He added: “Although I would much rather inconvenience no-one, these closures are unfortunately necessary if we are to realise the level of cost savings the Council’s budget requires.”

The Cabinet meeting recognised the widely-held concern that, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, changes to the household recycling centre service would lead to an increase in fly tipping. To cover such an eventuality, authority was given for the county’s waste enforcement service to work with the Cabinet Member to bring in additional preventative measures if any increase is identified.

Bill Chapple continued: “I’m aware that there is widespread concern that the changes agreed today will cause more fly tipping. But evidence from around the country says otherwise – ordinary householders don’t suddenly become criminals because changes are made at their local tip. However, we have zero tolerance of fly tipping, any will take immediate action if there’s any sign of an increase due to these changes.”

The Council will be carrying out extensive communications to ensure that residents are aware of the changes that will be taking place both to the household recycling centre service as a whole, and especially in respect of their own local site.

The webcast of the Cabinet meeting is available here, together with the agenda and supporting documentation:

For further information please contact: Aidan Shutter, on 01296 382444 or out of hours on 07825430978 


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School Crossing Patroller needed for Hughenden Primary School

crossing crossingcrossing

Buckinghamshire County Council needs to recruit another Patroller for the school crossing point to work with the current 2 Patrollers.  This will ensure the crossing is covered at all times.

We are looking for someone reliable to help children and parents cross the road safely.

If you are interested in this role or know someone who would be, please contact the School Crossing Patrol Supervisor on 01494 586639 and find out more.

A404 closure 11-14-.1.2019 – News from Buckinghamshire County Council

PR 10352
07 January 2019
APPROVED for Immediate Release

County Council keeps watch on Marlow Bridge

Teams from Transport for Buckinghamshire will patrol Marlow Bridge this weekend (11-14 January) to prevent overweight vehicles from crossing.  Patrols will be supported by advance warning signs and a camera van.

The action is being taken during closure of the main A404 Wycombe to Maidenhead road while Highways England replaces the renovated Volvo footbridge across both carriageways. 

The A404 will close at 9pm on Friday 11 January and reopen at 5am on Monday 14 January.

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member, said: “My main concern is to protect Marlow Bridge from damage by vehicles over three tonnes. While the main A404 is closed for the weekend by Highways England, the temptation to use Marlow Bridge as a short cut might be too great for some drivers.”


For further information please contact: Richard Wells, on 01296 382444 or out of hours on 07825 430978

Charity Event- Child Bereavement UK

I am writing to you on behalf of Child Bereavement UK, a national charity based in Buckinghamshire which supports families and educates professionals when a child dies, is dying and when a child is bereaved. Every February we hold Snowdrop Walks across the UK, which are a special day to remember the babies and children who have died and the children who are bereaved each year and guests are invited to plant a snowdrop in memory of a loved one.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Lizee on or 01494 569049

Details of the event are below:

Sunday 10th of February in West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire HP14 3AJ.


Hughenden Parish Council – Notice Boards

Below is a message from the Parish Council to all residents of the Parish

To Chair of Village Halls, Residents Associations & BBCT,

I write on behalf of Hughenden Parish Council to request your assistance in gauging parishioner opinion with respect to the provision of notice boards in the parish.

Local councils must under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 have a Publication Scheme which makes certain information available to the public.  In addition to information published on a council website councils must display notice of any meeting open to the public by statute at the local council office and affix notices ‘in some conspicuous places in the locality’.

Council wish to ensure that there is adequate provision of notice boards within the parish:

  1. To fulfil statutory requirements with respect to publication of council agendas and minutes (Publication Scheme)
  2. To provide adequate provision for community notices (promoting community activities & reducing littering of street furniture)

It is suggested that the above criteria may be fulfilled by a notice board design having one half of the notice board designated ‘parish council notices’ and the other half designated ‘community notices’.  The ‘parish council notices’ section would be glazed and notices posted by council officers.  The ‘community notices’ section may be open for public use.  The entire notice board would be headed ‘Hughenden Parish Council’.  Please see the photograph attached as a possible example.  The size of the notice board would depend on location and the population of that community.  The council would prefer a uniform design throughout the parish.

Hughenden Parish Council consists of four wards comprising eight villages/settlements.  In addition to minor notice boards at allotments, ponds etc the council has external notice boards at the following locations:

  1. Council Office Great Kingshill
  2. Garden of Rest Four Ashes
  3. North Dean Village Hall
  4. Templewood Walters Ash
  5. Widmer End near Village Hall
  6. Widmer End George’s Hill

Council invite feedback on effectiveness of notice boards at existing locations and wish to gauge interest in installing notice boards in communities without this provision e.g. Hughenden Valley, Bryants Bottom, Naphill and Cryers Hill.  It would be appreciated if feedback specifies exact locations and requirements.  There are several online suppliers of quality notice boards.  The notice boards in Widmer End and Garden of Rest were sourced from Greenbarnes Council prefer to install man-made timber (recycled plastic) as this reduces maintenance costs while providing a long lasting quality product.  If you wish to see an example then I suggest visiting the Garden of Rest although the notice board at this location is larger than would be required in most communities.

Please would you be so kind as to share this email with community groups to gauge opinion from a range of residents.  The parish council welcomes feedback from village halls and residents association committees.  Council will consider feedback received at the Services Committee Meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at the parish council office.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and may address the committee during Public Participation at the start of the meeting.

Please ensure that all feedback is received by the parish council office by Thursday 31st January 2019.

Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jill Armshaw

  • Deputy Clerk
  • Hughenden Parish Council
  • Council Offices
  • The Common
  • Great Kingshill
  • Buckinghamshire
  • HP15 6EN
  • 01494 715296,    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday