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The DIG library comprises a useful store of local authority and agency documentation that we have acquired and which are available here for everyone to access. It is all freely available material and comprises plans, documents and maps which can be helpful when considering local water, drainage issues etc. If you are looking for information not found here, please make contact as we may be able to point you in the right direction.


Little Marlow (Hughenden Valley) Drainage Strategy (Final 2019)

HVDIG Presentation to the BCC Select Committee on Flooding

Bucks CC Land Drainage Enforcement Policy

Hughenden Valley Flood Risk Areas

GISMP (Groundwater Impacted System Management Plan)


Piddington Groundwater Chart 2014

Hughenden 1 Sewer Map

Hughenden 2 Sewer Map

Hughenden Valley Monitors

Bucks Council Asset Register