Current items

Development of the Street Association project –  (July 2017)

The HVRA is exploring whether there is interest in first-aid training. St. John’s Ambulance can provide a practical training session, possibly in late September. The minimum number of people to take the course is 8 and the maximum number is 14 and the cost would be £25 per person plus VAT. If we do not get enough volunteers we will offer places to the shop volunteers as well.
The sessions take 3 hours. This may make you feel more confident about what you should or should not do in unexpected situations. (July 2017)

Electricity supply – following recent (July 2017) interruptions in the Valley, residents are reminded to phone 105 (irrespective of your supplier) whenever it happens so that the suppliers are rapidly informed of the extent & impact of any fault. (July 2017)