Update on fighting Coronavirus in Buckinghamshire

Full text from the Leader of Bucks Council.

A key message is that we must still follow all guidance, even if vaccinated, because:

‘national infection rates are still far higher than when we began the last major unlocking process last year, and overall the number of people in hospital with COVID-19 nationally has very recently been around the same as at the height of the first wave last April.’

Bucks Council asks for views on new Vehicle Removal Policy

Buckinghamshire Council is asking residents to give their views on a new Vehicle Removal Policy, which sets out the circumstances the Council will remove parked vehicles that contravene on-street parking restrictions – or whose owners persistently avoid paying parking charges and parking penalty charge notices – and take them to a secure vehicle storage facility.

Details here

Bucks Council – New guidance to enhance biological diversity

Buckinghamshire Council is going further in its commitment to preserve and improve Buckinghamshire’s environment.  The Council is working with partners to tackle climate change and its causes; reducing the county’s carbon footprint and delivering environmental net gain.

As part of this commitment, the council has drafted guidance to ensure developers increase biological diversity on their development sites.

Biological diversity, otherwise known as biodiversity is the richness and variety of plant and animal species within habitats, including previously developed land, fields, hedgerows and rivers.

Humans need a diversity of species for food production, climate change adaptation, flood regulation, crop pollination and enhancing human mental and physical well-being.

Using the guidance, developers will need to calculate the biodiversity on the existing site, and design their scheme to ensure there is a greater diversity on the site once completed.

A public consultation on this draft guidance runs from 19 February until 19 March 2021. 

Responses can be made using the consultation portal, which can be accessed through ‘Your Voice Bucks’, in writing, or by email, before 23:59pm on 19 March 2021.

The web address for this consultation is: https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/

Or directly: https://aylesburyvaledc.oc2.uk/

​The email address for this consultation is: planningpolicyteam.bc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

The postal address is:

Planning Policy, Biodiversity Accounting, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire. HP6 5AW

New joined-up legal orders for Buckinghamshire’s roads

There is a legal order, known as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), behind every speed limit, double yellow line, council owned car park, parking bay, one way system and anything else that controls traffic or pedestrians. Over the last year, all the legal orders from the former county council and district councils have been merged into one new system, which goes live from the 19 February. This can be found at www.buckinghamshiretraffweb.uk and is now one single point of contact for residents.

Press release

The Countryside Code

A gentle reminder about the code – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-countryside-code – due to Covid-19 there will be continued heavy wear & tear on our countryside for the next few months. Combined with the approach of spring when there are lots of delicate shoots around, it is important to keep to paths. Please don’t make them wider by wandering over fields or across sprouting bulbs in the woods.