To: Hughenden News Contributors (Summer 2017)

With Summer here, officially if not weather wise yet, I need to start preparing for the Summer edition of the News. The copy deadline is Friday June 23rd. Please send me what you would like published (I can’t guarantee it will be printed as it depends on how much interesting and relevant copy I’m sent). The guidelines are 400 words per page and I welcome pictures, preferably kept separate in JPEG files.

At recent meetings of the Hughenden Valley Residents Association the local website has been discussed. Many local villages publish their magazine in its entirety on their website although up to now Hughenden Valley has elected to publish only selected articles. A reason for not publishing the whole magazine is that some authors do not wish their contact details on the web although they are in the printed version. In submitting an article for publication please include whether you have any objection to your name and contact details published. If you really don’t want people to know how to get in touch with you we could redact that information. At this stage no decision to publish the whole magazine has been made.

Regards: John

John Dockett
Editor ~ Hughenden News
07986 006335

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