August Update 2019

The AGM was held on Monday 17th June. The minutes of the meeting and financial report are on the Documents page.

Document Changes

Several changes have just been made to the Documents page that are worth taking note of:

1. The Thames Water Drainage strategy documents are now links to a third party source rather than direct downloads from the DIG website. This was done as a result of shortage of space on our site. It is essentially transparent to the user.

2. The link to the document “Bucks CC Riparian Duties of the Hughenden Stream” has changed and the Documents page has been updated so that this document is still fully available. The link has also been updated further back in the blog.

3. A new document “Bucks CC Culvert Policy” has been added. 

Rain in the Valley

It’s been a fairly wet few weeks! Some of the rain has been fairly heavy and on 9th August, it was especially so. At Park Parade, Hazlemere  there was significant flooding, which included cars being stranded and the fire brigade having to pump out the road. We in the Valley were more fortunate – the really heavy rain did not seem to last more than perhaps 30 minutes here. Valley Road became awash, but not badly so, and it is fair to say that the drainage coped well and excess water quickly dispersed once the rain eased a mite. I am not aware of any problems further up the village. 

As so often happens, the ditch down to the pumping station in Valley Road carried along a load of detritus and deposited it at the entrance to the culvert. We will alert Transport for Bucks for it to be cleared.

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