June Update 2019

Well, it has been a fairly uneventful winter and spring with little significant rain to test last years road drainage improvements and the sewage system. As a result, there has been little to say on the blog page, hence the lack of content – a good thing I would guess.

The Valley appears to have got off lightly with the poor weather of the last week. While some areas have suffered badly with very heavy rain and flooding, we have not seen the massive downpours and the village has not seen any flooding, unless you know different. Phew.

The AGM has been confirmed for Monday 17th June at 7.30pm in case you are interested or haven’t received the invite. It’s being held at Paul & Carolyn Woodford’s, Elwood, Valley Road. Opposite the village hall on Valley Road and a few steps along towards the Surgery.

A new document has been added to the Documents page. It’s the latest update from Thames Water to the Little Marlow Drainage Strategy. It summarises activities undertaken since the last update in 2018 together with ongoing monitoring plans, so worth a look. 

The DIG had raised a concern with Thames Water that no mention was made in this document of the temporary mobile treatment units held at Little Marlow in case of further sewage flooding in the Valley. However, we are assured that this document is in addition to the original strategy document, and is not intended to replace it. In addition TW have confirmed that the 2 treatment units remain at the Little Marlow deport ready for deployment as needed. 

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