This Week’s Rain

The heavy rain this week has yet again caused localised flooding (especially Park Parade), but Valley Road has coped well with it so far. What does tend to happen with these rains is the large amounts of silt that gets swept along and left either on the road margins or in the road drains. Once the road drains fill up, keeping the road free of water becomes increasingly difficult.

This week Debs Lemon reported a number of blocked road drains near the bottom of Coombe Lane to Bucks County Council via the ‘Fix My Street’ website. 

Unfortunately, Debs received a reply saying that no work was necessary. To emphasise the  point, Debs sent a number of photos which clearly show that there is indeed a problem – see below. Let’s hope for a better reply from the Council this time.

If you haven’t used the ‘Fix My Street’ website before, see the HVDIG Advice page.

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