Calling all Road Reps…

At the last Executive Committee Meeting Cllr Jill Armshaw invited us to put our heads together and make use of the PC Grants fund for small projects that will benefit the community. This was recorded in the minutes recently distributed.

So get your ideas in and even if you made a suggestion at the meeting please repeat it now so we can get all the suggestions together in one place.

Send them in to me or Rosemary with as much supporting information as possible.

Remember to identify the benefits of your suggestion as well as the features!

Grants in recent years have been for amounts of £250 – £2,500 so keep your suggestions to a realistic level. We can always match fund for something really beneficial.

On receipt of your ideas we might come back to you for more information; it is important that we have enough information at the November meeting to have a good discussion and even make some selection decisions.

Peter Spence

Chair HVRA