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DIG Report End April 2021

Sewer Status

Just when we all assumed that the sewer problems in the Valley had gone away, we found out that they haven’t. After the recent dry weather, inspection pit levels had pretty much returned to normal levels and it was largely assumed that the problems had gone away.

However, late in the month it was discovered that the ‘back of houses’ sewer run that is opposite the Village Hall was full and close to overflowing.  The Boss Lane sewer, which it joins, is also dangerously full. TW have visited a few times, but other than pumping out one resident’s inspection pit, have simply checked levels and advised there is little they can do. We keep monitoring.

Ditch Clearance

On the 10th April, the day of the Village litter pick, a small group of volunteers gathered by the pumping station for a general clear-up of the ditches and culverts there.

The culverting where the stream runs under Valley Road was in much need of clearance of leaves, twigs and assorted rubbish.

Fortunately the ditch along towards the Village Hall was in better shape, although the ditch itself is quite deep and difficult to access. Having said that, a couple of hours work has left the area in much better shape. It’s something that we plan to do regularly from now on, perhaps two or three times a year.

Road Drains

After pestering Transport for Bucks via the FixMyStreet website, we have at last had some serious work done on the road drains through the Valley from Church Farm up to the end of Warrendene Road. Hopefully they are all in good order now.

DIG Website

The HVDIG website is no longer being updated. Although still there, the Home page and Blog advise that the web site is no longer being updated and to go to 

Paul Woodford

3 May 2021

Hughenden News – Spring 2021, schedule for articles

Copy deadline:                                 Mon 1st March

Printing:                                              Wed 17th March

Magazine distribution:                  Mon 22nd March

As it is likely that we will still be under some form of Covid-19 restrictions the distribution date may have to flex.

Contributions are welcome from clubs and societies, and anyone who has a particular hobby or interest, job or post.  So perhaps you have time to fill right now or a latent wish to write for the magazine.  For example you could write about:

           ‘I always wanted to be ******, but instead I/we became ******’

           ‘I/we would like to organise a musical event’

           ‘I/we could help with Scouts, Guides, Brownies or Cubs and get then their own hut’

           ‘I grew up in  *****’


We are also looking for photographs illustrating your lockdown experience and particularly, good photos for in the Hughenden News and on its cover; don’t be shy.

A big thank you to all who contributed before Christmas.

Bucks Council – Community Boards

Press Release from Buckinghamshire Council, 08 September 2020

Get involved in shaping your local community

Buckinghamshire’s 16 new Community Boards officially launch this week as the first public-facing meetings with local communities take place. 

The community boards have been created to bring the new council and communities together, giving people the opportunity to speak up and get actively involved in improving their local area. They now have a key role in helping local areas to recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Full details

HVRA Annual General Meeting 17th September 2020

The AGM will take place via Zoom, starting at 7.15 p.m. to allow people to establish their Zoom connection, the meeting proper will start at 7.30 p.m.

AGM Agenda and Nominations Form   Although the form states that nominations must be received in advance, our Constitution does allow nominations on the day.

HVRA unconfirmed Minutes for 2019

Treasurer’s Report 2019-20

HVRA CONSTITUTION – Amendments for 2020

Items from the AGM of 2019, that require approval:

Unconfirmed AGM Minutes from 18th May 2018

Chairs report at AGM 2018

Treasurer’s report for the AGM May18

Treasuere’s report for the AGM July 2019

Call for volunteers to stand as Chair of HVRA

Nomination forms for any of the Officers (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Chair) are also available from the Secretary ( ). Note that the current joint-Chairs wish to stand down so if you are interested please step up! More details are here..