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DIG Article for Winter 2022 HNews

Pumping Station

The pumping station is not the prettiest of buildings, but it’s been a part of the village since the sixties serving an essential function and we must all pass it regularly without giving it a second thought. The building houses a large borehole some 250 feet deep and for many years pumped drinking water from deep in the chalk. It no longer does, but the whine of machinery can still be heard close to the building. It is understood that the pumping equipment serves to pump drinking water from the direction of Prestwood up the hill to Naphill and beyond.

Last winter we reported that Affinity Water had visited to site at the pumping station and had agreed to conduct CCTV checks on the two culverts that run under the site. This is needed to ensure that they are clear and able to carry drainage water from the course of the winterbourne that runs across the road from Buildbase, and also the stream and road drainage water that runs in the ditch along Valley Road.

Unfortunately, little has happened since then. We have recently escalated this matter and a further site visit has been made and action has been promised. It’s not urgent work, but the sort that should be carried out on a routine basis to prevent a sudden crisis happening.

Other Drains and Sewer Items

Trees Road

The bottom of Trees Road continues to provide a headache for the residents of the road as the drainage grids at the bottom of the road block up very quickly following heavy rain. Loose gravel and stones rapidly accumulate at the bottom and make it hazardous for drivers turning off Valley Road into Trees Road.

The DIG have approached Bucks CC via the FixMyStreet website and appealed for help this year with clearing the grids and drains. The problem here, of course, is that Trees Road is unadopted and the two road drains and the grids are not the responsibility of the council. We are glad to report that the council have agreed to do this and say they will attend to this when they are next conducting operations in our area.

It would be great if in the meantime the Trees Road WhatsApp group could continue to clear the gravel and stones at the foot of the road.

The Culvert from the Harrow to Deeters

We had concerns about the course of the winterbourne that runs from the Harrow down to Deeters. As far as we are aware, this section of pipework had not been examined for some years. Following a request to Bucks CC, it has now been checked and is reported to be silt free.

Thames Water DWMP

Thames Water provided an update this summer to their draft Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan. This is a 25 year plan covering a vast area, of which we are a small part. So, while we are not able to report on significant details for the Valley, we are able to say that the following is planned for the Little Marlow area, of which we are a part:

  • Upgrade to the Little Marlow Sewage Treatment plant
  • Improved monitoring of sewage risk areas
  • Identifying of  areas where groundwater infiltrates into the sewage network and then carrying out sealing of tops and lining of sewers to prevent infiltration

When the final plan is completed we hope to be able to report some more detail.

DIG Organisation and Constitution

At the October AGM, it was decided to review and simplify the DIG organisation and constitution in light of us being fully integrated with HVRA. This has now been done and a new Terms of Reference document has been produced. It has been distributed to the DIG members and is placed on the document page in the DIG section of the HVRA website.

Paul Woodford

HVRA Drainage Improvement Group

Hughenden News Winter edition – call for articles

We are starting work on the next edition of the Hughenden Valley Residents Association magazine. We welcome articles on almost any topic related to life in Hughenden Valley, Bryants Bottom & Cryers Hill. So if you run a club or society, have attended or are planning an event, or think that there is a topic that should be brought to a wider audience then do get writing.

Deadline is 21st Oct. (We’ve moved it out a bit from the date shown in the last edition)

Please send material to

Any photographs should be sent as separate files.

Bucks Council – Apply for Community Board funding

Budget allocation

An annual budget is allocated to Community Boards from the council’s Annual Revenue Budget which is approved by Full Council each year.

Each Community Board is set an allocated budget. The level of Community Board funding allocated to each area is based on:

  • the population of the area
  • the levels of deprivation

Hughenden Valley comes under the North West Chilterns Community Board. (

More information & contact details

Calling all Road Reps…

At the last Executive Committee Meeting Cllr Jill Armshaw invited us to put our heads together and make use of the PC Grants fund for small projects that will benefit the community. This was recorded in the minutes recently distributed.

So get your ideas in and even if you made a suggestion at the meeting please repeat it now so we can get all the suggestions together in one place.

Send them in to me or Rosemary with as much supporting information as possible.

Remember to identify the benefits of your suggestion as well as the features!

Grants in recent years have been for amounts of £250 – £2,500 so keep your suggestions to a realistic level. We can always match fund for something really beneficial.

On receipt of your ideas we might come back to you for more information; it is important that we have enough information at the November meeting to have a good discussion and even make some selection decisions.

Peter Spence

Chair HVRA

The Rotary Club of Princes Risborough

The 1st of July saw the start of a new Rotary Club year, and with it came some new initiatives.  Near the end of June we were asked to support “Lighthouse”, an event free for local children.  It is a fun packed holiday club in a safe and secure environment for 2-4 year-olds, and primary and secondary school children, held during the week 25th to the 29th of July.  To help ensure success the Club donated £1000 towards the cost of running the week.  July also sees the end of Term for senior secondary school students and, consequently, a new group of Interact members stepping up for the new academic year.  Interact is a junior form of Rotary with the same ethos of helping those in need locally, nationally and internationally.  Members of our Club act as mentors to, and provide support for, the Interactors in High Wycombe and Princes Risborough.  Both groups will begin their activities, including raising money, at the start of the Autumn Term. 

Additonally, on the 24th of July a nephew of one of our members made a third attempt to complete a tandem parachute jump for charity (in the past having been hampered by weather) – to raise money to support the increasing needs of the Ukrainian refugees being hosted locally.  Our Club has formed a partnership with a group, based in Lacey Green/Loosely Row, that has formed the charity “Ukraine2Chilterns” which is supporting over 100 households who are hosting Ukrainian families. There are still a further 100+ Ukrainians holding in various European countries waiting for Visas to come to the area.  For more details see their website at

The majority of the refugees arrive with only the clothes they stand-up in.  Consequently, the Charity has established a “New2You” shop, providing a range of clothing, shoes, underwear and school uniforms.  They would be very grateful for any donations of second-hand items and/or financial support to enable them to purchase underwear and shoes.  To do so please use the following contacts:

Kate Collet-Fenson:    07970 547999

Candy Piercy:              07976 968892

David White:               07787 750889

DIG Update End May

  1. Transport for Bucks Actions

There had been reports of water seeping through the road surface near the foot of Cryers Hill, and about 50 metres along towards High Wycombe. On a very wet day, we eventually spotted water bubbling up in the hedge on the pumping station side of the road, behind the bus stop. On closer inspection this turned out to be a sizeable culvert, but which was almost entirely blocked up and clearly had not been cleaned out for years.

We reported this via FixMyStreet and this is now completely resolved. See pic.

At the last DIG meeting it was agreed that we would ask TfB to inspect the large culvert that runs from the Harrow through to Deeters, and which carries the Hughenden Stream plus road runoff underground along this section. The concerns were that although the road drains are regularly jetted, this large culvert is not and could well be silted up. Again, TfB have checked this out and lifted access chambers. They say that there is little sign of silting up.

2. Thames Water

At the last DIG meeting we discussed the lining work that had been carried out lining a section of the Hughenden sewer along Warrendene Road. The DIG considered that because the water table was at its highest in the Boss Lane to the Surgery area, and that sewer and stream flooding also occurred here, then this area should be a candidate for lining.

This has been put to Thames Water, but their response is that they have no evidence of water ingress in this area, and so have no plans to carry out further lining in Hughenden Valley at this stage. However, they report that additional monitors are being installed across the catchment and the ongoing GISMP (Ground Infrastructure System Management Plan) work being carried out is improving the resilience of the system.

3. Other

We have added the Bucks Council Asset Map (All the road drains) to the HVRA website on the DIG Documents page.

No action yet from Affinity regarding checking/cleaning the culverts under the pumping station.

Paul Woodford