Hail & Farewell – Clerks at Hughenden Parish Council

On Wednesday 22nd July Shona Hadwen, Clerk to the Hughenden Parish Council will be leaving us to return to Scotland.

Shona has been a great support locally, and to the Hughenden Valley Residents Association in particular, regularly forwarding important relevant information.

She will be missed by many of us.

On Wednesday Shona will be handing over to the new Clerk, Melanie Woof, who has worked as Deputy Chair Officer for BALC, which Parish Councils refer to for directives.  She has also been a Chair of a Parish Council and will start here immediately.

We would like to wish Shona a happy future in the Isles of Scotland.  Our loss is their gain.

Melanie, despite her valuable experience will find it a challenge to arrive during our down time of Covid-19, as well as liaison with the new Buckinghamshire Council, the gradually fading District Council and changes to CAPS.

Welcome and good Luck.

Angus and Janet (Co-chairs, Hughenden Valley Residents Association)