Article Submitted for Hughenden News

The following article was submitted for the Summer edition:

The Hughenden Stream

Following the wet winter, we enjoyed a remarkably warm and dry spring. This has had one knock-on effect on the Hughenden Stream and that is that we enjoyed its flow for a relatively short period of time. In fairness as I write this, it continues to flow nicely down through the park, but in the upper reaches of the winterbourne it’s become a dry ditch in places.

As far as I am aware, the stream in the upper reaches only flowed from Boss Lane downwards. If we get a nice hot summer as has been predicted, then the stream in the park may dry sooner than expected, especially given also the recent lack of rain.

Drainage works in the valley

The long promised road drainage improvement works along Valley Road by the village hall have happened. Unfortunately, as we know these sorts of works inevitably cause traffic disruption, but can’t be helped unfortunately.

This work was primarily aimed at preventing road and property flooding and was the final part of a program of work that has been carried out over several years. This work included:

  • Introducing larger chambers to road drains at the foot of Coombe Lane
  • Diversion of water flows on Coombe Lane to make best use of several deep chambered drains to hold back flows in big downpours.
  • Clearing and jetting of ditches and piped areas leading down to the pumping station.

Water runoff from the road

It is not uncommon in the village hall area of Valley Road for owners to take action to modify their drive entrances to prevent the ingress of water from the road or pavement onto their properties. They should not really be obliged to do this; rather it is the council’s responsibility to prevent  water from the road entering house owners’ properties. If you suffer from this problem along Valley Road, please drop an email to the DIG to let us know about it.

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