Road Works and The Stream

Road Works

On Monday 22nd June, the long predicted roadworks in Valley Road near the village hall started taking shape with the arrival of men and equipment. Unfortunately, this work will cause traffic problems because of the inevitable 3-way traffic control system, and will no doubt last a few days.

This work is primarily aimed at preventing road and property flooding and is the final part of a program of work that has been carried out over several years. This work includes:

  • Introducing larger chambers to road drains at the foot of Coombe Lane
  • Diversion of water flows on Coombe Lane to make best use of several deep chambered drains to hold back flows in big downpours.
  • Clearing and jetting of ditches and piped areas leading down to the pumping station.

The Stream

The stream continues to dry, although is still running merrily from the pumping station down through Church Farm and on into the Park. It’s dry in Boss Lane, and I don’t think reached any higher than that this year.