Opposition to HS2

The consultation period for HS2 closed on July 29th. The Government has said that the outcome will be announced ‘before the end of 2011’. See the Department for Transport website for more details.

Interesting to note that there has been a flurry of negative comment about the proposal in the press following the end of the consultation. On July 31st, the Sunday Telegraph argued “HS2? Just give us a decent train service”. On August 2nd the FT called HS2 a “vanity project unfit for an austere age”. And on August 3rd the Evening Standard called it “the fastest way to waste billions”.

Also on August 3rd, HS2 Action Alliance placed a half-page ad in the Times with a summary of HS2 opinion poll results. And finally here is a compilation of what various MPs, councils, and other bodies have said ‘on the record’ in opposition to HS2 .