Easing of Planning Regulations

Lord Oakshott (LibDem peer) recently raised concern in a TV interview about the apparent dismissal by some Government Ministers of the comments/opposition by the National Trust to the easing of planning regulations and referring to the organisation as left-leaning. The National Trust is completely independent of Government and has more members than any of the political parties. It represents what most of us love about our countryside and national heritage and is a voice that needs to be heard when it comes to the beliefs of its 3.6 million members.

To find out more about the concerns of the National Trust on the “presumed right to build” issue and to decide whether you wish to complete the petition asking the government to reconsider proposals please follow this link.

Similar concerns have been raised by the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England). See their website.

If you agree with the petition please do act and also let your friends and family know. Don’t assume that others will do it. That happened with the HS2 on line questionnaire when only 44,000 households out of 26 million in the UK objected to the HS2 project and the Government then assumed that 99.8% of households must have no objection.