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History festival showcases the fascinating story of Buckinghamshire

October 30 sees the start of the month-long Buckinghamshire History Festival, an annual event now in its sixth year.

Having fun but staying safe this Halloween

Halloween is a night of innocent fun for many youngsters, but for elderly or vulnerable residents it can sometimes be distressing. To help make the 31 October trick or treat celebration enjoyable for everyone, Buckinghamshire Council and Thames Valley Police are encouraging residents who do not want Halloween callers knocking on their door to display a poster in their front windows.

Have your say on early help support for children and families in Buckinghamshire

A public consultation on a new Early Help Partnership Strategy is being launched on Monday 1 November.

Buckinghamshire’s Children and Young People’s Partnership want to make sure that children, young people and their families get the support they need, when they need it, to deal with any problems they may be facing before they get worse.

This support is known as early help and is provided by lots of different services across Buckinghamshire. These organisations include the Council, health services, education and voluntary and community sector organisations.

Trial traffic enforcement cameras to be piloted in Buckinghamshire

Three locations in Buckinghamshire have been chosen for a camera trial to assess the level of traffic violations.

From Wednesday 3 November, temporary cameras will be placed in three known areas where multiple complaints from residents and road users have been received over a period of time.

The 3 locations are:

  • Marlow Bridge
  • Castle Street, High Wycombe
  • Corporation Street, High Wycombe

Online COVID-19 vaccination bookings now available for 12-15 year-olds in Buckinghamshire

Parents and guardians in Buckinghamshire can now book COVID-19 vaccinations online for children aged 12-15 years if they have not yet had their jab at school or have missed it for any reason.

This means children can get vaccinated over the half-term break to make sure they are protected as quickly as possible going back to school. With COVID-19 cases rising highest amongst children in secondary school age groups and young people in general, this will also help to keep their families and loved ones safer from spreading infections.

Hazlemere Climate Action

Taken from a Facebook article by Hazlemere Climate Action.

Do you have DIY skills you can share?

We’re starting a Repair Cafe in Hazlemere on Saturday 23rd October 10 till 12pm and we’re looking for volunteers with all kinds of skills and expertise to contribute. Can you help someone to fix for instance broken electrical items? A bicycle? A chair with a wonky leg? Mend a broken zip? Repair an old teddy bear?

If you’re interested and would like to know more we’d love to hear from you. Please contact get in touch with me through Facebook or email

If you’d like to read more about Repair Cafes take a look here:

Santa’s Sunday Spectacular – 21st Nov

Buckinghamshire is set to host several fantastic festive events this year, including Aylesbury town centre’s hugely popular Santa’s Sunday Spectacular, which will return to the town on Sunday 21 November to herald the start of Christmas.

The festive parade is made up of local dance groups, professional entertainers, bands and community groups ─ all to give Santa a warm welcome to the town. Previous years have seen over 400 people taking part in the parade, and this time around the invitation has been extended to any local business or organisation that would like to get involved.

The parade will leave late morning and after its finale, the fun will continue with activities and street food throughout the town until 4:30pm, concluding with the Christmas Tree light up.

Press release from Bucks Council


DIG Report End September 2021

The transition of HVDIG into the HVRA is now complete. The final part was the closing down of the DIG email addresses, which means that we can now fully close down the old HVDIG website and email system run through TSOHOST. Email addresses for the DIG committee are now:

Peter Cannon:

Paul Woodford:

Matt Hopkins:

Debs Lemon:

Sarah Mustapha:

During September Jerry Morley and Paul Woodford met with Chris King of Affinity in connection with the drainage issue we have at the pumping station at Hughenden Valley. Chris is a Surveyor with responsibilities for maintenance of infrastructure at Affinity properties.

Chris has agreed to organise a complete site survey at the pumping station, which will involve CCTV checks and, if appropriate, clearance on the two principal culverts under the site which carry the Hughenden stream. It will also involve checking boundaries and cutting back of trees and hedges which have become overgrown.

As a group the DIG are not convinced that these two culverts have sufficient capacity to keep the stream flowing properly when it is in spate. We have seen at least one instance in the last few years of the water in the Valley Road ditch coming right up to the top and threatening to flood onto the road. A simple solution would be for TfB to continue the ditch right along in front of the pumping station so that it could then empty round the perimeter fence of the site into the National Trust field.

Paul Woodford

Hughenden News

Hughenden News, the magazine of the Hughenden Valley Residents Association, is distributed across Hughenden Valley, Bryants Bottom & Cryers Hill. We are preparing the winter 2021 edition. Contributions are invited from societies, clubs, groups, & individuals. Subject matter can be reports on past events, plans for the future (a bit of a challenge but give it a go!) or issues that concern you. A photograph always helps.

Please send copy to

Our deadline is 15th October.

Thank you

Lorry Parking on Warrenden Rd

On 16th Sept. there was a special N W Chilterns Community Board meeting was held to discuss the Reshaped Report (developed by Jim Stevens) on the lorry parking problems in Warrendene Road to Board Members, Cllr David Carroll and Cllr Steven Broadbent (our local Bucks Council Councillors), and HPC Chairman, Cllr Paul Nicholls, for their consideration and initial comment prior going forward to the Board’s Traffic & Roads Issues Group. Also in attendance were some Warrendene Road residents and HVRA members.

As a result of that meeting, we would urge you ALL to read the 31-page Report (see below) and, furthermore, to please pass on all your comments by 30th September to Jackie Binning, all three Local Members of Bucks Council. (see below for contact details)

Last night Jim Stevens asked the Board Members present to accept the following 5 recommendations:

1. NOTE the extent of the work that has been undertaken to investigate the lorry parking issues raised by the residents, the engagement with key parties, including a wider group of residents, all of which have informed the findings of this report.

2. REJECT the residents’ request, as described in their Petition, due to the adverse implications this would have for the local community in Walters Ash/Naphill.

3. NOTE that other ideas have been identified in this report, that could be taken forwards, to reduce the lorry parking problems in Warrendene Road.

4. COMMENT on the ideas set out in this report, including sending any comments by email to the Community Board Coordinator by 30 September 2021.

5. NOTE that this report and the comments made in the Community Board meeting and received by email, will help inform Buckinghamshire Council Local Members decide by 29th October 2021, the way forwards and next appropriate steps.

It is vital that residents make their comments/concerns/objections known by the 30th September via email to:

As the N W Chilterns Community Board’s Co-Ordinator, Jackie needs your comments so that she can pass them on to Board Members on 3rd November where the way forward and next appropriate steps will be agreed:

It is very important that our three Local Members are fully aware of your concerns because ultimately they have to represent their residents in coming to a decision on the ideas/issues raised in Jim Stevens’ Report and the best way forward.

You could also email your comments to the Clerk and Chairman of the Parish Council and

For completeness, the text of the petition that led BC to commission the report is given here.


Report to Community Board – Warrendene Road 13-9-21

Powerpoint for Community Board

Updated 2021-10-01 , Notes from NWC Extra Ordinary CB Meeting 16.09.21

Buckinghamshire’s LOCAL HERITAGE LIST

There is currently a government led Local Heritage Listing initiative to record local sites, buildings, and monuments that are of community and heritage importance, but have either not met the strict statutory listing requirement, or have simply slipped through the net. Buckinghamshire Council has received funding for this project and we need to get people involved to nominate sites. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with the site surveys and data input.

The Bucks Local Heritage List Project team would really appreciate help and advice in all areas of this project and are looking for all levels of interest and expertise. We wondered if it might be something that you, your members might be interested in, either by nominating somewhere important to you, or by assisting with the process (training will be provided both with the data-inputting and onsite surveying.)

Contact details are in this flyer.

A consultation on council size and electoral  boundaries for Buckinghamshire Council has begun 

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Today is the start of a 10-week public consultation inviting proposals for the number of councillors that should represent the residents of the newly formed Buckinghamshire Council. 

Our consultation will close on 2 November 2021.

After we have considered all representations made to us during this consultation on council size, we will then be inviting residents, local authorities, and local organisations to submit their ideas on the ward boundaries within the council area. 

We will then hold a further period of consultation on our draft recommendations. Our final recommendations are expected to be published in November 2022.

The new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in May 2025

If you represent a local organisation or community group in Buckinghamshire, please pass this message on to your members or anyone who you think might be interested in the review. You can share the message by email or through social media by using the buttons at the bottom right of the page.

What is an electoral review?

Our electoral review will recommend new electoral arrangements for Buckinghamshire Council. We will propose:

·        the total number of councillors elected to the council in the future;

·        the number of wards;

·        the number of councillors representing each ward;

·        ward boundaries; and

·        the names of wards.

How to get involved

We will treat all submissions equally, and judge each case on its merits and against the legal criteria.

If you wish to put forward a view, we would also urge you to ensure that evidence supports your submission. Examples of the kind of evidence that would help support your submission is available on the consultation document we have produced.

There is more advice on our website about how you can get involved in the consultation.

Our website features technical guidance that explains the process and our policies, as well as guidance on how to take part in each part of the process.

We have also set up a webpage dedicated to the review of Buckinghamshire, where you can find all the relevant information.

Out consultation portal portal allows you to comment and upload documents directly to the site.