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HAGA programme for 2020

Jan – Fri 31st       8.00pm   Talk:  Wild Britain Diary, by Chris Ward

Feb – Fri 28th      8.00pm  Talk: Horatio’s Garden, by Jacqui Martin-Lof

Mar – Fri 27th      8.00pm Talk: Climbers (plus Plant Sale), by Marcel Floyd

Apr – Fri 17th      8.00pm  Talk: A Way with Plants, by Kathy Brown

May – Fri 29th     8.00pm  Talk: Life in a Nutshell, by John Tyler               

Jun – 26th to 29th                         Short Break in Kent

Jul – Thu 9th                        Visit: Knebworth House & Gardens 

Jul – Sat 18th                        Village Day – HAGA stall

Jul – Fri 31st         8.00pm Talk: Tooth, Claw & Mane, by Tom Way

Aug – Sat 8th                        Visit: Nymans (NT) 

Sep – Thu 3rd                       Visit: Anglesey Abbey & Gardens (NT)

 Sep – Fri 25th      8.00pm  Talk: Missenden Walled Garden, by Rob Thomas

Oct – Fri 30th      8.00pm  Talk: Dig for Victory, by Russell Bowes

Nov – Fri 27th    8.00pm   AGM followed by refreshments 

Nov – TBA        2.00pm   Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

HAGA programme 2018

2018 HAGA Programme

Items are also in the Calendar

Jan – Fri 26th 8.00pm Talk: The Gardens at Hughenden Manor,  by Piers Horry, Head Gardener, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Feb – Fri 23rd 8.00pm Talk: Iconic National Parks of the USA,  by Chris Ward, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Mar – Fri 16th 8.00pm Talk: Britain Through the Seasons,  by Tom Way, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Apr – Fri 27th 8.00pm Talk: The Gardens of The Cotswold Wildlife Park,  By Tim Miles, Head Gardener, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

May – Sat 12th Visit: Hever Castle & Gardens

May – Fri 25th 8.00pm Talk: A Nice Cup of Tea!  by Russell Bowes, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Jun – Wed 13th Visit: RHS Wisley

Jun 29th – Jul 2nd Short Break in Hampshire/Isle of Wight

Jul – Sat 14th Hughenden Valley Village Day

Jul – Thu 19th Visit: Woolbeding Gardens (NT)

Jul – Fri 27th 8.00pm Talk: Gardening in Dry Conditions,  by Terry Cann, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Sep – Sat 1st Visit: Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. times tbc

Sep – Fri 28th 8.00pm Talk: Autumn Colour,  by Anthony Powell, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Oct – Fri 26th 8.00pm Talk: Tears of the Dragon,  by Frances Benton, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Nov – TBA 2.00pm Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Nov – Fri 30th 8.00pm AGM followed by refreshments, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

HAGA Programme 2017

From Joanna Hughes

Jan – Fri 27th 8.00pm
Talk: The Basics of Garden Design by Caroline Tait

Feb – Fri 24th 8.00pm
Talk: A Walk on the Wild Side by Brian Clews

Mar – Fri 31st 8.00pm
Talk: Wildlife Gardening by Chris Ward

Apr – Fri 28th 8.00pm
Talk: My Experiences of the National Garden Scheme by Brian Fisher

May – Sat 6th
Visit: Ramster Garden and Tearoom

May – Fri 26th 8.00pm
Talk: Trees of The National Memorial Arboretum by Roger Hailwood

Jun – 23rd to 26th
Short Break in Suffolk and Essex

Jul – Wed 12th
Visit: Pettifers and Canons Ashby

Jul – Fri 28th 8.00pm
Talk: City of London Gardens by Sally Botwright

Sep – Sat 9th
Visit: Hatfield House

Sep – Fri 29th 8.00pm
Talk: Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Oct – Fri 27th 8.00pm
Talk: Animal Architecture by John Tyler

Nov – Fri 24th 8.00pm
AGM followed by refreshments

Nov – TBA 2.00pm
Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

HAGA Programme 2015

From Joanna Hughes

2015 HAGA Programme (Click here to download)

Fri 30th Jan 8.00pm
Talk: Birds of Berks and Bucks by Brian Clews

Fri 27th Feb 8.00pm
Talk: Wildlife Ponds by Rod D’ayala

Sat 21st Mar
Visit: Kew Gardens

Fri 27th Mar 8.00pm
Talk: Wild Flowers of the Chilterns by Dr Brenda Harold

Fri 24th Apr 8.00pm
Talk: The Potager’s Garden (food crops within the ornamental garden) by Brian Fisher

Sat 9th May
Visit: Coton Manor

Fri 29th May 8.00pm
Talk: Gardens of New Zealand by Jill Carey

26th-29th June
Short Break in Herefordshire & Shropshire

Fri 31st July 8.00pm
Talk: The Glories of a Garden (through the seasons with plants we can all grow) by John Cornwall

Sat 5h Sept
Visit: West Dean Gardens, Chichester

Fri 25th Sept 8.00pm
Talk: Pests and Diseases by Andrew Mikolajski

Fri 30th Oct 8.00pm
Talk: John Evelyn – A Gardener’s Diary by Colin Oakes

TBA Nov 2.00pm
Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

Fri 27th Nov 8.00pm
AGM followed by refreshments