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Tom Way – Video Presentation

To HAGA members, From Daf.

Some of you may have been at our meetings in the last couple of years when Tom Way talked to us about his wildlife photography and he was due to come to us in July.

Who knows what will happen by then but in the meantime Tom has done a short presentation on Youtube that he’d like to pass on to the groups he would have been talking to. You can also email him back with any questions. (this may take a moment to load, but is is there!)

HAGA programme for 2020

Jan – Fri 31st       8.00pm   Talk:  Wild Britain Diary, by Chris Ward

Feb – Fri 28th      8.00pm  Talk: Horatio’s Garden, by Jacqui Martin-Lof

Mar – Fri 27th      8.00pm Talk: Climbers (plus Plant Sale), by Marcel Floyd

Apr – Fri 17th      8.00pm  Talk: A Way with Plants, by Kathy Brown

May – Fri 29th     8.00pm  Talk: Life in a Nutshell, by John Tyler               

Jun – 26th to 29th                         Short Break in Kent

Jul – Thu 9th                        Visit: Knebworth House & Gardens 

Jul – Sat 18th                        Village Day – HAGA stall

Jul – Fri 31st         8.00pm Talk: Tooth, Claw & Mane, by Tom Way

Aug – Sat 8th                        Visit: Nymans (NT) 

Sep – Thu 3rd                       Visit: Anglesey Abbey & Gardens (NT)

 Sep – Fri 25th      8.00pm  Talk: Missenden Walled Garden, by Rob Thomas

Oct – Fri 30th      8.00pm  Talk: Dig for Victory, by Russell Bowes

Nov – Fri 27th    8.00pm   AGM followed by refreshments 

Nov – TBA        2.00pm   Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

HAGA programme 2018

2018 HAGA Programme

Items are also in the Calendar

Jan – Fri 26th 8.00pm Talk: The Gardens at Hughenden Manor,  by Piers Horry, Head Gardener, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Feb – Fri 23rd 8.00pm Talk: Iconic National Parks of the USA,  by Chris Ward, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Mar – Fri 16th 8.00pm Talk: Britain Through the Seasons,  by Tom Way, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Apr – Fri 27th 8.00pm Talk: The Gardens of The Cotswold Wildlife Park,  By Tim Miles, Head Gardener, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

May – Sat 12th Visit: Hever Castle & Gardens

May – Fri 25th 8.00pm Talk: A Nice Cup of Tea!  by Russell Bowes, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Jun – Wed 13th Visit: RHS Wisley

Jun 29th – Jul 2nd Short Break in Hampshire/Isle of Wight

Jul – Sat 14th Hughenden Valley Village Day

Jul – Thu 19th Visit: Woolbeding Gardens (NT)

Jul – Fri 27th 8.00pm Talk: Gardening in Dry Conditions,  by Terry Cann, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Sep – Sat 1st Visit: Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. times tbc

Sep – Fri 28th 8.00pm Talk: Autumn Colour,  by Anthony Powell, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Oct – Fri 26th 8.00pm Talk: Tears of the Dragon,  by Frances Benton, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Nov – TBA 2.00pm Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

Nov – Fri 30th 8.00pm AGM followed by refreshments, Hughenden Valley Village Hall

HAGA Programme 2017

From Joanna Hughes

Jan – Fri 27th 8.00pm
Talk: The Basics of Garden Design by Caroline Tait

Feb – Fri 24th 8.00pm
Talk: A Walk on the Wild Side by Brian Clews

Mar – Fri 31st 8.00pm
Talk: Wildlife Gardening by Chris Ward

Apr – Fri 28th 8.00pm
Talk: My Experiences of the National Garden Scheme by Brian Fisher

May – Sat 6th
Visit: Ramster Garden and Tearoom

May – Fri 26th 8.00pm
Talk: Trees of The National Memorial Arboretum by Roger Hailwood

Jun – 23rd to 26th
Short Break in Suffolk and Essex

Jul – Wed 12th
Visit: Pettifers and Canons Ashby

Jul – Fri 28th 8.00pm
Talk: City of London Gardens by Sally Botwright

Sep – Sat 9th
Visit: Hatfield House

Sep – Fri 29th 8.00pm
Talk: Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Oct – Fri 27th 8.00pm
Talk: Animal Architecture by John Tyler

Nov – Fri 24th 8.00pm
AGM followed by refreshments

Nov – TBA 2.00pm
Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

HAGA Programme 2015

From Joanna Hughes

2015 HAGA Programme (Click here to download)

Fri 30th Jan 8.00pm
Talk: Birds of Berks and Bucks by Brian Clews

Fri 27th Feb 8.00pm
Talk: Wildlife Ponds by Rod D’ayala

Sat 21st Mar
Visit: Kew Gardens

Fri 27th Mar 8.00pm
Talk: Wild Flowers of the Chilterns by Dr Brenda Harold

Fri 24th Apr 8.00pm
Talk: The Potager’s Garden (food crops within the ornamental garden) by Brian Fisher

Sat 9th May
Visit: Coton Manor

Fri 29th May 8.00pm
Talk: Gardens of New Zealand by Jill Carey

26th-29th June
Short Break in Herefordshire & Shropshire

Fri 31st July 8.00pm
Talk: The Glories of a Garden (through the seasons with plants we can all grow) by John Cornwall

Sat 5h Sept
Visit: West Dean Gardens, Chichester

Fri 25th Sept 8.00pm
Talk: Pests and Diseases by Andrew Mikolajski

Fri 30th Oct 8.00pm
Talk: John Evelyn – A Gardener’s Diary by Colin Oakes

TBA Nov 2.00pm
Hughenden Valley Christmas Bazaar

Fri 27th Nov 8.00pm
AGM followed by refreshments

HAGA Update

From Daphne Hicks

To those going on the Beth Chatto visit on Saturday 20th September
It’s been some time since this visit was arranged.. So I’m just checking everyone’s still coming and they remember it’s an 8.30am start. So please could you email me back to confirm you’re still coming.
I’ll be telephoning anyone on the list without email.

A change to the programme – Heritage Weekend cancelled
As we hadn’t yet asked members for items to sell, you’ll probably have realised that the National Trust’s Heritage Weekend is not now taking place this year. If you were growing anything for our stall at Hughenden Manor, then we’ve still got the bazaar to look forward to in November and we’ll be looking for plenty of items then!