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New online Heritage Portal opens virtual door to Buckinghamshire’s history

Ever wondered what the connection is between the Coombe Hill monument, Cold War missile and rocket testing at Westcott, West Wycombe Park and the remains of Ludgershall medieval village?

Well, their fascinating histories have been documented, alongside some 35,000 other records, and are now available on Buckinghamshire’s brand new online Heritage Portal.

As well as information about traditional archaeological sites, earthworks and artefacts, the portal also contains details about historic buildings and local landscapes, covering periods from the earliest human settlements to the end of the Cold War and beyond.

Web site:

Bucks Council announcement

Cars with idling engines

(The message below was sent recently to the Head Teacher of Great Kinghill school:)

I write as a resident of Cryers Hill.

I would like to draw to your attention the preponderance of vehicles parked at school drop off/collection times which keep their engines running for considerable periods while stationary. This occurs mostly in the car park of the White Lion pub, but also on the grass verges in the vicinity.
The parents involved may not be aware that this now an offence, but they are surely familiar with the dangers of increased air pollution, which impacts directly on children’s health as well as that of the residents in the area. The contribution to greenhouse gases/climate change is also well documented. The RAC article, to which I supply a link below, describes this particularly well.
I wonder if you and your staff could find time to bring this to the attention of both parents and children, and ask them to switch off their engines when parked for more than a few seconds.  I hope it will not be necessary to ask the overstretched police to take action.
Yours hopefully

School Crossing Patroller needed for Hughenden Primary School

crossing crossingcrossing

Buckinghamshire County Council needs to recruit another Patroller for the school crossing point to work with the current 2 Patrollers.  This will ensure the crossing is covered at all times.

We are looking for someone reliable to help children and parents cross the road safely.

If you are interested in this role or know someone who would be, please contact the School Crossing Patrol Supervisor on 01494 586639 and find out more.