DIG Article for HNews Spring 2023

It had seemed a wet autumn and winter leading up to Christmas, to the extent that the stream had risen in the park. In late January it was rising and flowing from Church Farm and below the pumping station there were the beginnings of the spring rising there in the large field depression.

When the stream is looking like it will run through the village, there is a chance that the sewerage system will become overloaded. So it was around this time that I opened the inspection cover at the front of our property, but am glad to report at this point that the drain was empty. If the sewage system through the valley is running high, the level rises correspondingly in my inspection pit. For us, it’s a sort of early warning system.

Since then, there doesn’t seem to have been any significant rain, which suggests we won’t see the stream rise in the village, nor indeed experience any sewage problems this year. Unless of course, it starts raining in earnest as soon as we go to print.

Drains and Sewers

After pursuing affinity Water relentlessly for the last year or so, I am glad to say that they have finally come back to us and advised that the culverts under the pumping station have been checked. Except that the work was actually carried out during last summer by their contractor, it’s just that Affinity didn’t know. The contractor reported that all blockages were removed, so it does suggest we were right push for this work to be done.

It’s pretty clear that maintenance is a vital part of our everyday lives, although looking after our roads, drains, sewers and other systems seems these days to be run on a crisis basis rather than carried out in a scheduled manner. Whatever the shortcomings of this modus operandi, we do have FixMyStreet and that has been working well for us in recent times.

I happened to be out in Valley Road on a walk recently and spotted Bucks CC engineers clearing the problematic drains at the foot of Trees Road – see the pic.

I reported on the FixMyStreet request  we put in about this in the last issue, so it’s really good to see the system is working. It does make me feel that the council are responding well to requests we put in. So, if you see drain and road issues needing work done, just get online and report it, it’s relatively simple to use. Just go to:

FixMyStreet (buckscc.gov.uk)

Paul Woodford