DIG Update End May

  1. Transport for Bucks Actions

There had been reports of water seeping through the road surface near the foot of Cryers Hill, and about 50 metres along towards High Wycombe. On a very wet day, we eventually spotted water bubbling up in the hedge on the pumping station side of the road, behind the bus stop. On closer inspection this turned out to be a sizeable culvert, but which was almost entirely blocked up and clearly had not been cleaned out for years.

We reported this via FixMyStreet and this is now completely resolved. See pic.

At the last DIG meeting it was agreed that we would ask TfB to inspect the large culvert that runs from the Harrow through to Deeters, and which carries the Hughenden Stream plus road runoff underground along this section. The concerns were that although the road drains are regularly jetted, this large culvert is not and could well be silted up. Again, TfB have checked this out and lifted access chambers. They say that there is little sign of silting up.

2. Thames Water

At the last DIG meeting we discussed the lining work that had been carried out lining a section of the Hughenden sewer along Warrendene Road. The DIG considered that because the water table was at its highest in the Boss Lane to the Surgery area, and that sewer and stream flooding also occurred here, then this area should be a candidate for lining.

This has been put to Thames Water, but their response is that they have no evidence of water ingress in this area, and so have no plans to carry out further lining in Hughenden Valley at this stage. However, they report that additional monitors are being installed across the catchment and the ongoing GISMP (Ground Infrastructure System Management Plan) work being carried out is improving the resilience of the system.

3. Other

We have added the Bucks Council Asset Map (All the road drains) to the HVRA website on the DIG Documents page.

No action yet from Affinity regarding checking/cleaning the culverts under the pumping station.

Paul Woodford