DIG Report End January 2022


During September the DIG met with Chris King of Affinity to get agreement on surveying the drainage pipes under the pumping station. This was agreed to but we have had no further contact from Chris on the subject, we assume due to pressure of work.

To try and get something done on this we have issued a complaint to the Affinity Estate Management team and asked them to find out what will be done and when about this work. Fortunately, mild and relatively dry weather this winter has meant that the drainage there has not been tested.

Road Drainage

The DIG is planning on doing an audit on road drains through the Valley during February. As it happens it already looks as though TfB have carried out some drain cleaning already without any prompting, which is encouraging.

DIG 2022 Kick-start Meeting

After a relatively quiet few months, the DIG is planning to hold a meeting in late February as a starter for the New Year and to allow us to formulate some actions for 2022.

We have requested the Agencies to provide us with their plans and hope to be able to review those at the meeting.

Flooding Training

Although we don’t associate Hughenden Valley with being in a flood risk area, there have been plenty of occasions across the years when roads and properties have been tested by high water table, prolonged rain and so on. As such, the council, Environment Agency and other organisations monitor us for flood risk.

It can therefore make sense to at least be aware of how to deal with flooding when it happens. The DIG website contains some useful advice regarding flooding on the Advice page. On a practical front, Community Impact Bucks are offering free flooding training during March, for those with an interest in the subject. See below.

Community Impact Bucks are running free flood resilience training for local residents in HUGHENDEN VALLEY and RADNAGE on 8TH March 2022 (2.30-4.30pm).

The training is open to anyone who would like to develop their community’s resilience to emergencies such as flooding, snow, other severe weather events or utilities failures. Attendees will find out what community resilience means and what it could look like, how to develop an action plan, and also how to apply for a grant from the Heart of Bucks’ Flood Recovery and Awareness Fund.which could be used for:

  • Capital items to replace those destroyed by flooding
  • Emergency repairs as a result of flood damage
  • Venue/room hire costs for relocating activities as a result of flooding
  • Community projects to prevent future flooding
  • Training for flood damage/prevention