Your chance to quiz Council spending plans

If you want to question council bosses about how your council tax is spent, you can do next week as part of the robust scrutiny process of Buckinghamshire Council’s billion pound spending plans.

Everything from Covid to children’s services and roads to regeneration goes under the microscope over three days of intense scrutiny as the Leader and his cabinet account for their spending proposals from 1st April 2021.

The committee also invite questions from Buckinghamshire residents, businesses and community groups to feed into the discussions. Questions for any of the sessions should be submitted in advance by e-mail to Questions can also be submitted to @buckscouncil on the Council’s Twitter and Facebook sites. Questions should be submitted by 9.00am on Monday 11 January. As much time as possible will be set aside for public questions and every session can be viewed live via webcast.

Dates & times are here