Continuing Alerts from EA

Areas affected: Groundwater flooding in the High Wycombe area


Started at: 08:56 BST on Wed 22 April

Flooding is possible – be prepared

Groundwater levels have slightly declined but remain high at our observation site, Piddington borehole, in the Wycombe area including Radnage and the lower Hughenden Valley. Groundwater levels in this area are at a level where communities may be affected in the next few weeks by flooding from groundwater. Low-lying land and roads are at risk of flooding first. Due to the nature of groundwater behaviour, this situation could continue for several weeks or longer, and the speed at which flooding will occur is dependent on rainfall conditions. The weather forecast is for a mainly dry week (21 April to 28 April 2020). We continue to monitor groundwater levels and will update this message next week by 29 April 2020, or as the situation changes.

Issued at: 08:56 BST on Wed 22 April

Issued by: The Environment Agency

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