Valley Road Works Update

The works along Valley Road near the bottom of Coombe Lane to improve the road surface water drainage are now complete. We had hoped that the lips to drives affected by the surface water would be raised, but this has not happened so far.

Jonathan Roberts of TFB provided us with a plan of the drain, pipe and chamber work undertaken, which is on the Documents web page. Jonathan also provided an update on the work:

“As you will see we have effectively provided at least a 50% increase in capacity for the existing drainage system within the verge areas. We believe this is essential to remove the surface water as quickly as possible from the areas of carriageway and in particular at the junction of Coombe Lane and Valley Road.

At this junction all flows from these roads are currently channelled into an existing 225mm pipe which has now been doubled to provide the additional capacity required to quickly remove these flows to the area of the ditch. Clearly the existing single 225m carrier pipe with ‘blind’ gully connections in this area was inadequate with the corresponding flows remaining on the carriageway surface.

This arrangement should also assist in releasing the flows within the existing network approaching the junction with Combe Lane from Valley Road and reduce the amount of surface water retained on the carriageway surface.”

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