Valley Road Blocked Drains Update

The blocked drain in Valley Road opposite Herrisson House is no more! Well, we mean that it shouldn’t be blocked any longer as Transport for Bucks visited on 11th January and believe that they have finally resolved the issue. The problem had presented itself as a blocked road drain on the west side of Valley Road opposite the village hall. This drain was meant to empty itself via a pipe running across the road and into a pipe in the enclosed ditch on the village hall side of the road. CCTV work carried out in 2016 suggested a collapsed pipe.

After the recent work, TFB have stated that the excavation showed that there was no pipe whatsoever linking the pipe from the drain into the ditch and that the pipe from the road drain fell 4-5 metres short of the ditch. This explains why the original jetting operation failed. TFB have now linked the road drain outlet pipe to the ditch pipes, so the whole thing should run freely.

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