Update to Valley Road Flooding

Good News on Valley Road Road Drains!

Thanks to persistent pressure from Debs Lemon, Transport for Bucks arrived in the Valley on Wednesday 7th September to start the investigation and clearance of blocked road drains that have blighted the Village Hall end of the Valley for so long now.

As mentioned in the June blog, the drains have been unable to cope with large downpours for a number of years, resulting in the roads becoming awash and drives on the East side of Valley road being flooded. Previous attempts to get the drainage work done have stalled.

The work this week was aimed at checking out the blocked drains with camera and where possible clearing with high pressure hose. The worst drain, outside Herrisson House, proved to be completely blocked because of collapsed pipes and root ingress under the birch trees on the Village Hall side. The engineers have advised that they are aware of the problems we have been having and that the necesary remedial work will be scheduled.

We also understand from Debs that Coombe Lane also presents issues for the engineers, which they need to resolve. 

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