DIG Meeting held with Bucks CC/Atkins

This meeting was originally planned for 10th March, but was postponed to 23rd March in the Cabin. Rob Millington from Atkins provided us with the results from the modelling work they have carried out on the surface water flows through Hughenden Valley.

Rob presented a series of charts detailing predicted flows, groundwater emrgence points and possible effects from carrying out work such as enlarged pipeage in Boss Lane and water runoff storage in fields above the village. Whilst work on the modelling continues, the charts clearly demonstrated the flooding risk areas in the village.

By the end of April Rob is due to complete a report to Bucks CC which will contain options for providing flood relief. Such options may include things like field barriers for water storage, curb raising, increasing culvert sizes etc and which could be built into a detailed plan for possible DEFRA funding. A further meeting is expected  to be held between Bucks CC and HVDIG at a later point to review progress. 

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