Valley Friends October Notes

from Joan Steel

Jill welcomed everyone to our AGM and 49th Birthday Party and read the apologies. In her report she recalled the highlights of the years varied programme of excellent talks and enjoyable activities. Among them was an evening making a Christmas table flower arrangement, a talk entitled “Grandma flew Spitfires, the Fernie Field Four – a group of excellent lady saxophonists, an evening ramble in the late spring, and a talk about the Linden Gate charity. Our most recent event was a dinner followed with entertainment by the Lamp House Ladies Choir. The evening was very successful and completed our year on a high note.

The members of the committee gave their reports and along with Jill, were all re-elected. The proposal to increase the membership fee was accepted and is now £27 (because speaker’s fees have increased); a visitors’ fee is to remain at £3 per evening. We look forward to having more new members to enjoy the really interesting programme we have for the coming year. We are continuing to support the South Bucks Hospice and High Wycombe MS with our fund raising raffle and hospice book etc. stall.

Jill thanked the committee for their work during the year and expressed our regrets that Josie needs more time to recover before returning to the committee. Norma was congratulated for completing the course to qualify her in the use the Village Hall defibrillator. Doreen presented a plant to Jill to thank her on behalf of us all for her friendship, dedication and enthusiasm over many years as leader, which has kept the group active and thriving. Jill quoted our motto “Friendship is the Golden Chain by which Society is Joined Together “. Business having been concluded we commenced supper and birthday cake all prepared by Doreen; very many thanks”.

During the evening we had a Quiz which involved place names of local villages and the team with the highest score were given a prize. We have a team entering the Potter quiz on October 17th.

Our next meeting is on November 6th “The Early Life of Norman Wisdom”. All Welcome.