Village Day a Great Success!

From Al Bowyer
Thanks to all who enjoyed our great Village Day on Saturday, and all those who helped make it happen, including the world famous Red Barrows!

With the forecast of possible thunderstorms on 19th July at exactly the time Village Day was going to be in full swing, you can imagine there was a little bit of stress in the morning! But we need not have worried because not only did everyone come early, but the forecast did not
materialise and everyone stayed longer as a result! The objectives for Village Day were:
• To involve the Community in an enjoyable and fun event
• To raise funds for the Village Hall Registered Charity (No: 300282)
In both cases these objectives were achieved and from the feedback received, very successfully.

Whether you were helping; participating in the events; enjoying the variety of stalls and games; buying or just browsing; eating and drinking; or simply enjoying the atmosphere on the day; then thank you. Because without you there simply would not have been a Village Day!

So a massive thanks to everybody for participating in what was a special day, in a very special year, as it was also 50 years since the Village Hall, as we now know it, was developed. The day commenced with the procession, which started at Hughenden Primary School at 12.00 noon.
This arrived early in the Arena at around 12.30 and then Michael Sole, chairman of the Village Hall committee, official opened the events on the field. From then it was full on with lots of events to watch and get involved with, many stalls to sample, a great range of children’s entertainments, a super variety of great food and drink, and the brilliant Hughenden Valley ‘Red Barrows’! The Grand Raffle Draw was at 16.30 with well over £2,000 of great prizes, which were all donated. The Field closed at 17.00 after which we had the incredibly well attended Family Barn Dance and danced to the brilliant ‘Broad Band’ and of course had some great food as well.

Days like this don’t ‘just happen’! There is a need for a great deal of planning and organising together with a lot of muscle and hard work. But more than this it takes people. It has been a pleasure and indeed a real honour to be part of such a super team of volunteers. I have been humbled by the support we have had and the knowledge and expertise of everyone. Not one ‘challenge’ was considered a problem. So may I not only on your behalf, but also add my personal thanks and gratitude, thank all those who were involved – there really are too many to mention by name.

There’s a great report of the day by the Bucks Free Press here.