Flooding & sewerage update

From Tony Konieczny, HVRA Chairman

Dear Residents,

Yesterday I was told about increasing levels in the stream by Church Farm, and of sewer leakage into the grounds of properties by Oakleaf Farm. This morning I was informed by the TW engineer that he had located 2 pumps of 6 inch bore. These should be in place outsider the surgery (replacing the current one) and in Boss Lane by 8am, tomorrow, Tuesday. Their efficacy will be monitored.

This action will increase the volume of water in the stream, which might be of concern to Church Farm residents. They should contact Bucks County Council, as streams are not under the remit of TW. This should be done as soon as possible.
We don’t yet know what the impact of two 6″ pumps will be. Their effect might extend to Warrendene Rd, which might help the problem there, but we must remain aware that there is a lot of water getting into the system, so it might not be enough. I will email the engineer to see if the 4″ pump can be used in Warrendene Rd.

The forecast seems to be for dry weather, but we all need to generate as little waste water as we can, for the benefit of affected residents.

Kind Regards,