Flooding and sewage problems

From Tony Konieczny, HVRA Chairman
Dear All,

You may have seen the wet areas, especially between Coombe Lane and Cryers Hill. They have not only been caused by rain, but be the sewerage system being unable to cope. Residents in the dozen or so houses opposite the village hall have had a horrendous time trying to divert the sewage away from their homes. Manhole covers have been lifted by the pressure of water, causing sewage to flow into the streams that start in Boss Lane and Spring Rising. The streams have flooded the fields with foul water and detritus. There is also sewage overflow at the bottom of Bryants Bottom Road near Warrendene Road and on Valley Road between Trees Avenue and Coombe Lane.

You should tell residents to treat ALL OUTSIDE WATER AS POISONOUS. This includes the puddle outside the Surgery and whatever emanates from the drain cover by the bus stop. Please warn children and those with dogs to avoid all standing and running water. This could last until August.

The Residents Association has been putting pressure on Thames Water to treat this seriously and we seem to be making progress, although nothing has yet been done. We do now have a named person who has responsibility for sorting out this problem in both the short and long term. We will report as events unfold.

We suspect that the problem is caused by large bore pipes discharging into small bore pipes, causing sewage to back up until it can find an exit. Volumes have increased due to the recent rains.
In the meantime, could all residents show consideration to those on Valley Road by being sparing with their use of water, especially after periods of rain. What you flush down the drain could well appear lower down the hill.

Kind Regards,