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Latest News from the NAG

From Lin Smith:
At our latest NAG Meeting, we were asked to circulate the following information via the Newsletters, and websites.

Firstly, we were asked to report all thefts from sheds and garages or other incidents, for example of Anti-Social Behaviour, to the police on 101, which is the new non-emergency number, or email at This will enable them to see any patterns that may emerge, which will help them investigate future incidents.

Secondly, could we please identify any particularly bad areas of littering and let your representative know where they are. And if perhaps people could pick up any litter that is outside their own houses, that would help keep the Village looking nicer. Also, litter attracts more litter.

Thirdly, the problem with dog fouling is a perennial one. Please could dog owners please pick up their pets poo and put it in a bag, then put the bag in one of the dog poo bins or take it home. Some people have been putting their bags in hedges, field gates and even into front gardens. We were reminded that allowing your dog to foul footpaths is just as much an offence as on the pavement. If you are already doing the right thing, please do not be offended by my mentioning it here. You are the good guys.

And finally, there is a special Festive ‘Have Your Say’ at Sir William Ramsay School, Rose Avenue, Hazlemere on Saturday December 10. It is your opportunity to come and meet your local Police Team and enjoy coffee and mince pies. Trading Standards and Neighbourhood Watch will also be there.

Currently I am the only representative for Hughenden Valley and Bryants Bottom on the NAG. Gt Kingshill had 6 representatives at our meeting tonight, Widmer End had 4, Naphill had 2. We need to make our voice louder, so if you could give one evening every 6 weeks and would be interested in having a say in policing in our village, please get in touch with me on 01494 562533 or email me on

Many thanks
Lin Smith