Sewage Leak at Corner of Pumping Station

On 17th February, a leak was spotted from the sewage inspection hatch at the corner of the pumping station site in the village. This hatch, which lies in the National Trust field (and hence open to all), is sited where the sewage pipe from Naphill comes down to join the main sewer heading to Wycombe.

The leak has tended to be intermittent and not a great flow, but nevertheless has been allowing sewage to get into the watercourse. The DIG alerted Thames Water on 18th and the site was visited by engineers, but they advised that the leak was due to hydraulic pressure and little could be done other than waiting for the pressure on the sewers to recede.

Since then we have alerted the Environment Agency, whose responsibility it is to monitor such leaks, plus the National Trust. The NT put up the signs towards the end of last week.

we are mailing the NT this week to suggest that they should consider putting further signs up in the park, where of course, dogs and children play in the waters.

Leaking Inspection Hatch