AGM News & Update


We finally managed to hold the AGM on 30th September. As it was, the meeting was restricted to committee members only because of Covid, so not ideal.

With no successor to the retiring Chairman, and membership small in the last few years it was decided to investigate whether our future would be better served as part of the HVRA rather than a standalone (very small) organisation. We are currently looking into that.

Minutes of the AGM are on the Documents page.

Road Works et al

The final part of the ongoing roadworks in the Village Hall area are complete. The final road surfacing was completed some weeks ago, fortunately this work was all carried out at night and was not too disruptive. So far, the new surface is performing well from a drainage point of view.

However, it is apparent from one heavy period of rainfall that water sweeping down Valley Road from the Trees Avenue area can still result in a bad accumulation of water at the bottom of Coombe Lane. We will be following up with TfB on this point.

Up in Warrendene it is good to see that the drainage ditch along its length has been cleared out, a neat job and very timely too what with winter close by.