Hughenden Parish Council – Notice Boards

Below is a message from the Parish Council to all residents of the Parish

To Chair of Village Halls, Residents Associations & BBCT,

I write on behalf of Hughenden Parish Council to request your assistance in gauging parishioner opinion with respect to the provision of notice boards in the parish.

Local councils must under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 have a Publication Scheme which makes certain information available to the public.  In addition to information published on a council website councils must display notice of any meeting open to the public by statute at the local council office and affix notices ‘in some conspicuous places in the locality’.

Council wish to ensure that there is adequate provision of notice boards within the parish:

  1. To fulfil statutory requirements with respect to publication of council agendas and minutes (Publication Scheme)
  2. To provide adequate provision for community notices (promoting community activities & reducing littering of street furniture)

It is suggested that the above criteria may be fulfilled by a notice board design having one half of the notice board designated ‘parish council notices’ and the other half designated ‘community notices’.  The ‘parish council notices’ section would be glazed and notices posted by council officers.  The ‘community notices’ section may be open for public use.  The entire notice board would be headed ‘Hughenden Parish Council’.  Please see the photograph attached as a possible example.  The size of the notice board would depend on location and the population of that community.  The council would prefer a uniform design throughout the parish.

Hughenden Parish Council consists of four wards comprising eight villages/settlements.  In addition to minor notice boards at allotments, ponds etc the council has external notice boards at the following locations:

  1. Council Office Great Kingshill
  2. Garden of Rest Four Ashes
  3. North Dean Village Hall
  4. Templewood Walters Ash
  5. Widmer End near Village Hall
  6. Widmer End George’s Hill

Council invite feedback on effectiveness of notice boards at existing locations and wish to gauge interest in installing notice boards in communities without this provision e.g. Hughenden Valley, Bryants Bottom, Naphill and Cryers Hill.  It would be appreciated if feedback specifies exact locations and requirements.  There are several online suppliers of quality notice boards.  The notice boards in Widmer End and Garden of Rest were sourced from Greenbarnes Council prefer to install man-made timber (recycled plastic) as this reduces maintenance costs while providing a long lasting quality product.  If you wish to see an example then I suggest visiting the Garden of Rest although the notice board at this location is larger than would be required in most communities.

Please would you be so kind as to share this email with community groups to gauge opinion from a range of residents.  The parish council welcomes feedback from village halls and residents association committees.  Council will consider feedback received at the Services Committee Meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at the parish council office.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and may address the committee during Public Participation at the start of the meeting.

Please ensure that all feedback is received by the parish council office by Thursday 31st January 2019.

Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jill Armshaw

  • Deputy Clerk
  • Hughenden Parish Council
  • Council Offices
  • The Common
  • Great Kingshill
  • Buckinghamshire
  • HP15 6EN
  • 01494 715296,    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday