DNA Security Identifier

With the extending hours of darkness, there is always an increase in burglaries and particularly so after the clocks go back at the end of October. So, extra care is needed to prevent these crimes.

Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association (WDNHWA) would like to make you aware of the technology of Selecta DNA. This is a forensic crime reduction system that links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law.

Furthermore, it enables stolen goods to be returned to their rightful owners.

Each batch of Selecta DNA contains a non-toxic liquid with a unique DNA code. This solution can only be seen under UV light – the police have UV arc-lamps in each of their local Custody Suites.

By displaying warning labels, window stickers, and other signage, it deters criminals, as they know the DNA will link them to the crimes they commit.

As well as the DNA identifier, each bottle of the solution contains about 1,000 microdots and each microdot shows the manufacturer’s secure database phone number and the unique code of the owner. This gives the police the ability to positively ID a recovered item on the spot.

These kits are ideal for such items as:
– Computers, IT equipment, and other electrical equipment.
– Jewellery
– Antiques and paintings
– Leisure equipment such as golf clubs, bicycles, motorcycles etc.
– Tools

The kits that are able to mark about 50 items can be obtained from WDNHWA at a cost of £23.00 and this includes the database registration cost with the manufacturer. Also included are warning signs and tamper-proof warning labels.

Please confirm your interest in the first place with Gemma Brooks at Wycombe District Council’s Community Safety Department as follows:

– ph 01494 421117
– email : Gemma.Brooks@wycombe.gov.uk