Article Submitted for Hugh News Winter edition

The Hughenden Stream

The stream dried up quite quickly in its upper reaches during the course of this year. Despite this, it continues to flow merrily from Church Farm downwards and in the accompanying photograph is showing its face above the farm.

The course of the stream above Church Farm

A much earlier photograph taken in the same area is a nostalgic reminder of years gone by.

With the winter season approaching, who knows, it may continue to flow all winter.

Drainage and Other Stuff

The roadworks in the Village Hall area are complete. The final Valley Road section was carried out several weeks back when the road surfacing along from the Surgery to the Village Hall was done. Fortunately, all this work was carried out at night and so was not a major disruption to traffic. It was rather noisy considering we were trying to sleep, but the work was carried out brilliantly. On the morning after the final night’s work we even found that the white lining had been carried out in the dark. The new surface is quiet and has a specific camber aimed at helping the road drainage. Taking this with the additional drains that have been put in, the road is performing well at present. Further re-surfacing work on Coombe Lane should be completed well before this issue comes out.

We are aware from one period of heavy rainfall that water sweeping down from further up Valley Road can still result in a bad accumulation of water and detritus at the foot of Coombe Lane. We are following up with TfB on this point.   

Up on Warrendene Road it is good to see that the drainage ditch along its length has been cleared out, a neat job and very timely too, what with winter hard by.

 The Future of HVDIG

 The AGM took place on 30th September, an odd event given the COVID restrictions and also that David White, the Chair was resigning – with no successor in sight. We had foreseen that David’s resigning coupled with our being a small group would give us a dilemma for the future – how to continue?

In the event it was decided that we would approach the Residents Association to enquire about the possibility of aligning ourselves closer with the HVRA. That we did and our joining the HVRA has been agreed in principle at the HVRA committee meeting held on 3rd October.

Peter Cannon will be invited to become Chairman of HVDIG and once he has taken up the position we will look towards restructuring the DIG to fit more closely with HVRA.