AGM & Other News

AGM matters

In light of the Coronavirus situation it has been decided to postpone the AGM until September at the earliest. The work on preparing and auditing the accounts will be done meanwhile; Bob Hawkins has kindly agreed to do the accounts again and we will submit all documentation via email.

New Committee Member

Debs Lemon has been added as a member of the DIG committee.

Jonathan the Engineer

Jonathan Roberts, our friendly and supportive TFB engineer has been seen in the Valley over the last week. I approached him to find out the latest.

He was just doing a few checks on the state of the drains (including sticking his head down the inspection pit in the grass outside the village hall). I had wondered if we had a problem there but apparently not, just some silt, and he said that it would all be blown through when they came to do the promised work on boosting the drainage system that has been planned for some time now.

He expects this work to be done July/August now, so we’ll see.

The Stream

Well, no sooner had we got all excited about seeing the stream running through our gardens than it’s all started drying up!

Fortunately, it continues to run through the fields below the pumping station and, of course, through the park. North of the pumping station it will soon become just a muddy mess, but it has been a joy to experience it for a month or two. If anyone has a photo of it, send it in and we will add it to the website.

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