Valley Road Works Follow-on

Following the road drainage works carried out in the summer, there have been two instances of further work in recent weeks. I am sure everyone will have seen the road works which so disrupted the traffic in Valley Road in the village hall area.

The first lot of work was the finalisation of the drainage improvements and involved raising of the setts to a number of drives affected by excess water on the road during heavy rain. 

The second lot of work we really don’t know that much about, but think it was to do with the water supply and involved Affinity Water contractors. We know that this area was dug up earlier this year because a leak in the mains supply had been detected. We are not sure that the original leak was repaired at the time. This time however, a considerably larger area of the grass verge and pavement was dug up and now we believe the leak is repaired. This caused a lot of disruption considering the digging was not actually on the road.   

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