Doris Storm 23rd February

Sorry for this somewhat tardy posting! You may remember the Doris storm of 23rd February, which now seems so long ago. The practical effects in Hughenden Valley were not very great. However, we did see a fairly intense downpour lasting perhaps an hour which would normally have resulted in Valley Road outside the village hall becoming swamped. On this occasion it didn’t which must be testament to the fact that Transport for Bucks maintenance is having a positive effect, so well done them.

In addition, Martin Hall took a short video during the same downpour which showed how well the drains were coping with the water coming down Combe Lane – you can see this video at this location: The drains in question are sited on the mini roundabout where Coombe Lane meets Valley Road. Again, this can only be down to timely work by TFB.

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